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Power Smart For Business Profile

April 17, 2015

With 44 buildings in Winnipeg, Akman Management Ltd. is a property management firm with experience in both apartment rental and condominium management. Since 1912, three generations of Akmans have carried on a proud tradition of uncompromising quality and service in the real estate industry.

“Doing our part for the environment and energy efficiency has always been important to our company along with tenant and owner comfort,” says Danny Akman, of Akman Management Ltd.

Akman Management Ltd. recently upgraded the windows at one of their apartment complexes located on 333 Wellington Crescent. The complex was built in 1953 by Danny’s father, Abram “Lefty” Akman, and at the time was considered to be one of Winnipeg’s first luxury rentals. The apartment complex consists of 24, one-bedroom and 24, two-bedroom suites and is constructed of concrete and masonry interior walls.

The installation of the energy efficient windows was made possible with incentives from Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Commercial Building Envelope Program (CBEP). The CBEP provides incentives, of up to 100 per cent of the incremental cost, to encourage building owners to install energy efficient measures into their commercial buildings.

“Manitoba Hydro’s knowledgeable staff was very helpful in deciding what type of windows to install and helped us with the calculations to ensure we were getting a good bang for our buck,” says Akman. “It is a user-friendly program and an easy and painless process.”

According to Akman, the complex’s old, double-hung windows were causing tenant discomfort due to drafts and wind noise. During the renovation, these old windows were upgraded with a combination of dual and triple pane fiberglass windows. All windows have a low emissivity (low-e) coating and argon gas, which work together to reduce heat loss. Energy efficient windows play a significant role in the building envelope and can reduce heating and cooling loads; help manage condensation and moisture; reduce emissions; and create a comfortable, draft-free environment.

“The reaction from the tenants to the new energy efficient upgrades has been very favourable,” says Akman. “Tenant comfort, even heat control, and reductions in energy costs are some of the benefits of upgrading the windows.”

The CBEP provided Akman Management Ltd. with approximately $42,000 in incentives. The incentive is based on the U-value, which is the rate at which heat is transferred through the window glass and frame. The lower the U-value, the lower your annual heating and cooling costs and the higher your incentive. Power Smart incentives are available for windows with U-value of 1.7 or less.

”Building owners and property managers alike are taking advantage of the CBEP to install more energy efficient windows.” says May Arason-Li, Marketing Specialist at Manitoba Hydro. “The property at 333 Wellington is a great example of where the CBEP team guided Akman Management to install high performance windows when it was time to replace their old windows.”

According to Arason-Li, the installation of these new windows will provide increased comfort for tenants, improved aesthetics, lower maintenance costs, and a substantial Power Smart incentive from Manitoba Hydro.

“Not only did the overall appearance of the property improve making the building more attractive in the marketplace, but energy savings should result in lower operating costs which in turn will be passed to the tenants,” says Akman. “Street noise reduction, no drafts, and better visibility from the new configurations of the windows are also beneficial.”